Lisa Jacksons | Swimming Pool

Doggy Pool - dogs love to swim!

Teach your dog to Swim

Your dog can learn to swim, have fun or keep fit in our purpose built dog swimming pool. 

We have clients from all over Worcestershire, Malvern, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands. The dogs will start off in a special buoyancy jacket, unless they can already swim and then will move on to just a normal body harness. We also have jets for the dogs to swim against as they get fitter and stronger. For their ultimate safety we always go in the pool with them incase they panic, or get into trouble. They are washed off before and after their swim and we can give them a shampoo, if required. We can then towel dry them off, or give them a dry with our hair dryers.

Contact us and make an appointment. You can have 15 minutes, or half an hour