Lisa Jacksons | Flyball Training


Ball Motivated Class

Fast and fun; have a great time with this ball motivated sport. Flyball is a relay race between dogs, so its a team event. 4 dogs have to run one at a time up to a special box, that emits a tennis ball, activate it, get the ball and return over the jumps with it. Beginners start with fencing, so that they cannot run out but eventually dogs will be trained to do the run with out assistance from external aids. Eventually the dogs are trained to work as a team and to exchange with each other. Dogs have to love tennis balls to do fly ball. It is a very exciting and energetic sport. As it is so energetic, we do have an age restriction on Flyball and dogs have to be over 10 months to start training. The conditions also have to be right, otherwise injury could be caused. So please always check that the class is running.

When & Where

Thursday evenings from April to September monthly class.

If your dog is not ball motivated but you want to try some thing different and exciting, then why not look at our agility, or gym section and come and try that instead.

Hillview, 7, Old Road South, Kempsey