Lisa Jacksons | Food and Treats
Lisa Jacksons | Food and Treats


Healthy for your Dog

We are passionate here at Hillview about making sure that your dog is as healthy as it possibly can be, so for us its not just about training and socialising. Nutrition plays a huge part in making sure that your dog is fit and healthy. We have spent a huge amount of time studying and analysing dog food, carefully choosing the right ones for our clients. This is based on their nutritional values and also value for money. We understand that price does also matter and so our own range of food is nutritionally excellent but very reasonably priced. With a diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition, Lisa is more than qualified to offer advise and assistance in choosing the right diet for your pooch!

We then have a choice of some higher end products but again have chosen carefully and looked for 5 star rated foods that do not break the bank. As well as our own brand we have stock of Akela, Lily's Kitchen, Natures Menu and Carnilove food. We stock wet, raw and dried food, so again you have a choice. We can help and guide you on what is best for your dog and adapt to the methods of feeding that suit both you and your dog the best. You can see some of the ranges on our on line shop, or pop into Hillview.
Please note Working dog food is for working dogs and may not be suitable for pet dogs.

Lisa Jacksons Own Range

We have our own range of food that is very high in quality, including gluten free and grain free products. We also stock Akela, Lily’s Kitchen, Natures Menu, Carnilove, Forthglade and Signature life stage foods here at Hillview.

We are happy to deliver to your door, or you can pop into Hillview and view all of the ranges here, or have any products posted to you. You can order via e mail, phone, or use our easy to use on line shop.

We will continue to analyse and update our products, so that we ensure you get the best quality food products for your dogs at the best prices.

For more information, or to discuss your dogs dietary needs, please contact, where we will be happy to help, or you can ask for a dietary review sheet, which Tracy our qualified Canine Nutritionalist, or Lisa with a diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition, will be happy to assist.