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This is a form of acupuncture but with out needles which can help treat a variety of different conditions. Acupressure points are stimulated to help heal the dog. Lisa has undergone extensive training in order to gain her qualification in this field which she is expected to pass in September.

Light Therapy

We have light therapy pads and a hand held unit. Light Therapy energises the cells to rejuvenate them, which enhances healing. Treatment can be used for injuries, arthritis, pain management and in the treatment some types of anxiety. It is non invasive and relaxing.

Stance Analyzer

This is an amazing piece of equipment that can measure exactly how much weight your dog is putting through each of its legs individually. Therefore, it can tell if there is an issue and then progress can be logged once treatment has commenced, as to how well the dog is responding.

Botanical Self Selection Healing (Zoopharmacognosy) for Dogs

A natural approach for your dog to self select herbs, hydrosols and essential oils to maintain health or support their return to health.

Have you ever wondered why your dog eats grass, chews wood or licks mud? In very simple terms, it is your dog’s instinctive ability to detect compounds within plants, which he then selects to support health. 

During a 2 hour session your dog will have the opportunity to work freely with his amazing sense of smell (olfactory system), he will be offered a selection of natures pharmacy to work with, nothing will ever be forced upon your dog, it is totally his choice. At the end of the session your dog’s favourite selections will be dispensed for you to continue offering at home to further support him.

If you would like to know more about Botanical Self Healing and how I may be able to support your dog please do not hesitate to contact me for a free, no obligation chat.
Tracy Brind - Canine Senses 07966 245548
Botanical healing is not a substitute for Veterinary care if your dog is unwell please always seek advice from your Vet.