Lisa Jacksons | Food and Treats
Lisa Jacksons | Food and Treats

Equipment & Alternative Products

Completely Natural

Due to problems experienced with my own dogs we have extensively researched an alternative way to treat worms, fleas, ticks and minor injuries and itching.

Verm X is a really good alternative wormer for your dog. Completely natural, it changes the gut flora, so that the worms cannot take hold. There is also a noticeable improvement in dogs tummies on Verm X and coats are also much shinier and healthier. Fed as daily crunches, or sprinkled on the food, it is easy and convenient to use. Tub sizes are 325g, or 650g for the crunchies. We would have to order the sprinkles.

Billy No Mates is a great alternative flea and tick deterrent, which is easy to administer and only needs to be used from spring through to autumn. Just a small amount is added to the food each day and it is convenient and easy to use.

Dog conditioning shampoo - We have added our own natural Lemon grass shampoo, which is kind to the skin and smells great.


We have a huge range of equipment for dogs, which includes; anti pull harnesses, head collars and training lines. We have these products from Halti, Ancol and Clix. If you have a recall problem, chasing issue, reactivity issue, or pulling on the lead, we can provide the right aid to assist you and also fit with your personal preferences. If you need such assistance we will also fit it for you and allow you to try it out before purchasing it. If you are experiencing problems, you can have a one to one to go through the issues and receive expert assistance, as to your best options for dealing with it. We have the equipment on site, so that you can go and start straight away, you don’t need to wait for items to arrive in the post. We are also very competitively priced. View the items we have for sale on our on line shop.


We strive to have the best quality and up to date toys and our range includes the Kong toys and various strong and fun toys, which we change on a regular basis. Stimulation, safety and fun are our top priorities. We have a small range on our on line shop but as the toys change regularly, they can be viewed in the shop at Hillview. Play is really important with your dog and we can advise on how to get your dog to play if it has not learnt how to previously. We can also advise on the ways to keep your dog active, occupied and happy through out the day. Please contact Lisa for any help and advice needed.

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