Lisa Jacksons | Puppy Classes
Lisa Jacksons | Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes

Basic Training

Our puppy classes are run under the kennel club puppy foundation scheme. They provide basic training for puppies from going out until 5 months of age. They cover walking on a lead, handling, stay, recall, food and toy manners, socialisation, basic commands and much more. Reward based methods are used and our aim is for you to have fun, whilst bonding with and teaching your puppy its essential skills. 

For older puppies and dogs there is an identical course covering the same principles as above.

Starter courses are 7 week, with the first week as an induction week, to sort out all the paperwork and to give you essential information before the start of actual training.
Once your puppy has finished its basic starter course, you can go on to the follow on training classes, where retrieve, send away, back, distance control and much more are taught. We also offer all levels of the Good citizen dog scheme. There is also the option of agility and fly ball classes at this stage. Clients come from all over Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich and the Midlands to enjoy our puppy training classes.

When & Where

Puppy Training classes Worcester

  • Puppy Starter Courses:
    Kempsey Sunday lunchtime
    Kempsey Monday evening
    Kempsey Tuesday evening
    Kempsey Wednesday evening

    Older Puppy / Dog Starter Course:
    Kempsey Monday evening

    What's Covered?
      -  Walking on a lead
      -  Handling
      -  Stay
      -  Recall
      -  Food and Toy manners
      -  Socialisation
      -  Basic commands and much more