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Doggie Treats

Natural Treats

Here at Hillview we want to make sure that we look after the dogs in the best way we can. You can be feeding the best food but if the treats are of poor quality, that will be detrimental to your dogs health!

We are passionate about making sure your dog is healthy both physically and mentally. All of our treats are of top quality and nutritionally excellent. What you feed your dog has implications on both its health and its behaviour. We believe in reward based training, so the treats must be good nutritionally and tasty. During our puppy classes and follow on training classes, we give you the opportunity to trial some of the better quality treats that are on the market, as well as our own brand of dog treats, specially made to be nutritionally excellent, easy to use and really tasty. 

Lisa Jacksons Own Range

We have our own range of natural, nutritionally excellent and tasty treats. We also stock Betty Miller, Fish for Dogs, Natures Menu, Billy and Margot icecream, training treats and iced treats, Lilly’s Kitchen, JR Sticks, Akela, Go Native and Treats to sit 4. All of these brands are tasty, easy to use and nutritionally excellent. Have a look at our amazing shop to see some of the range that we sell, or pop in and see us at Hillview. We can deliver to your door, you can pop in and pick up any thing that you want, or have is posted to you. Just contact us for more details, or use our easy to use on line shop.

For an informal discussion about your dogs diet, Lisa would love to talk to you, and with a diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition, your pet will be in very safe hands.

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