Lisa Jacksons | One to One Training
Lisa Jacksons | One to One Training

One to One Training

Combat behavioural issues

We offer one-to-one sessions in Worcester to combat behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and attention seeking.
You can also have a one to one dog training session at either Hill View, Kempsey or in your own home. Walking on lead nicely and dog recall are the most commonly covered issues.

When & Where

For specific problems Lisa can attend the house and work on it there or clients can attend Hillview for a session

Hillview, 7, Old Road South, Kempsey


On Tuesday mornings we now have new half an hour appointments for basic training issues such as recall, lead walking, mouthing, jumping up etc. If you have a specific issue we can work with you to put in place a possible solution. The price for these sessions reflect the 30 minute time frame.

  • 30 minute basic dog training sessions
  • Dog Recall
  • Walking to heel
  • Reducing pulling
  • Reducing unwanted dog jumping
  • Reducing mouthing with dogs or people
  • Reactivity with people, things, or dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Attention seeking
  • One to one puppy training