Lisa Jacksons | Meet the Team

Lisa Jackson

Lisa is a Kennel Club Accredited Behaviourist and Dog Trainer and holds a COAPE diploma in Canine Health & Nutrition. Lisa has worked with dogs since childhood and set up her own training classes in 2000.

Darren Beech

Darren is the kennel manager and co owner. He is mad about motorbikes, loves photography and enjoys mountain biking. He also spends a lot of time with our two dogs.

Hayley Brassington

Hayley has studied Animal Care at college and has acheived Level 3. In her spare she loves walking her own dog Sam.

Emily Presley

Emily has been doing agility with us for a while with her cocker spaniel. Emily is now our dog groomer, as well as our kennel assistant.

Tracy Brind

Tracy has worked for us for quite a few years now and deals with all the administration and  PR. She runs our puppy pre school and worked as a veterinary nurse for many years. she deals with all the nutritional queries, as she is a qualified nutritionalist

Sam Irving

Sam is a level 3 and is hoping to expand into behavioural work and also training competition agility classes. She competes with her own dog and has reached a really high standard.

Robyn House

Robyn is a level 3 and is hoping to go into teaching classes and behavioural work. She is already proving to be an able assistant in puppy classes.