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Fun, Fitness, Conditioning & Weight-Loss

We have a state of the art dog treadmill, peanuts, eggs, doughnuts, wobble boards, trotting poles, cavalettis and tracking. Some of the equipment is for cardio work, some for building up the core muscles and strengthening them and we can really tax your dogs brain with some of the exercises we can create. It's also a great way to build up a dogs confidence. It helps get a dog moving and exercising gently and kindly and we can also look at your dogs nutritional needs, if it is a little over weight. Gym sessions can be booked whilst your dog is staying with us in the kennels, or home boarding, or with us for day care, as well as a separate session. Gym sessions are one to one, so you don’t have to worry if your dog prefers its own space. This makes them a brilliant alternative to agility classes if your dog can be a little reactive to other dogs. Gym sessions are also excellent for enhancing the bond with your dog, as you can both exercise and have fun together.

Holdding a level 5 diploma in canine exercise rehabilitation you're dog is in the very best and safest of hands.

Where & When

Running Weds to Sunday afternoons / evenings for fun, fitness and conditioning

7 Old Road South

Open to all dog owners - we have many regulars from Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Droitwich, Malvern, Pershore, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and right across the West Midlands!

The 1st Dog Gym Local to Worcs!

Come and enjoy the first dog gym in Worcester for fun, fitness and conditioning!

Achieve Weight-Loss

Increase your dogs core strength, achieve weight loss, balance, fitness and co-ordination!

Fit for Competitions

If your dog needs to be kept fit or needs help losing weight we are here for you