Lisa Jacksons | One to One Training
Lisa Jacksons | One to One Training

One to One Training

Combat behavioural issues

We offer one-to-one sessions in Worcester to combat behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and attention seeking.
You can also have a one to one dog training session at either Hill View, Kempsey or in your own home. Walking on lead nicely and dog recall are the most commonly covered issues.

When & Where

For specific problems Lisa can attend the house and work on it there or clients can attend Hillview for a session

Hillview, 7, Old Road South, Kempsey


 We offer 45 minute sessions for minor problems and 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions for more involved issues.

  • 45 minute basic dog training sessions
  • Dog Recall
  • Walking to heel
  • Reducing pulling
  • Reducing unwanted dog jumping
  • Reducing mouthing with dogs or people
  • Reactivity with people, things, or dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Attention seeking
  • One to one puppy training